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"I have been training with Paul for 4 years now. My first experience of his expertise, was when he set a training program for a marathon. The advantage of this was I didn't have to think what to do next and with email dialogue it kept me motivated and absolutely delivered on my goals. Unfortunately I still had to train, but everything else was done for me, from rest days to warm ups, diet and stretching. I used Paul again when training for the Etape. Without his support I would more than likely have been one of the 40 percent of people that failed to finish.I now use Paul on a regular basis in between events, to keep fit, motivated and avoid putting on too much weight. In the cold nights of winter I don't really want to train, but with Paul coming round, I have no choice and at the end of the session I feel so much better. If I had to drive to a gym or train on my own, I wouldn't have the motivation unless training for something. Regular training with Paul has kept me going. Great results, thank you."

David (Effingham))


“I  stared training with Paul almost 5 years ago when a friend suggested he assist me with my Marathon training. After only a few weeks Paul suggested that I could possibly push for close to 4 hours in the marathon which I couldnt believe possible. After 12 weeks training i managed to complete my first marathon in 4hrs 17 minutes, which included a comfort break of almost 12 minutes because or queues. I was extatic and have continued to train with Paul recently completing my first triathlon. Without Paul i couldnt have achieved any of my fitness or sporting goals and would highly recommend him to anyone"

Lindsey (Surrey)


“Paul has been coaching my 12 year old son for the past 18 months. My son is a talented rugby player although he lacked alot of fitness and struggled to stay up with play at times. Whilst training with Paul my son has become alot fitter and now is able to not only keep up with play but lead from the front. This new gained speed and agility has  payed off with my son being selected for trials with Surrey not only for Rugby but also his Cricket.  Paul not only adapts these session for my son but he makes then fun as well as progressive. My wife , My Son and I are all so pleased that we found Paul. We can not recomend Paul highly enough.

Peter (Cobham)

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